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Our passion, vision and creativity is to produce design led practical Home storage solutions influenced by current trends of materials, colour, art and style of Italian furniture. We produce high quality furnishing accessory products that offers practical solutions to enhance all rooms in the Home. We have incorporated the Italian style in our designs to offer beauty and harmonious shapes and finishes to create decorative elements to excite our customers as only great works can do. Our creative style and personality in design can best be described like a work of art. It mirrors the mind of the artist who created it, a journey undertaken with passion, beauty and love for the home. Our choice of materials are a combination of the best local suppliers and the expertise of many generations that results in our products today. I believe in the elegance of simplicity, in the elimination of the superfluous, so I am satisfied only with excellence. The desire is always to offer the best, with sobriety and class.

Alessandro Michielin (Founder)